Simplot Information and Registration


If you were considering going to Simplot and haven’t registered, you need to reach me ASAP -

Registration Deadline: Wednesday February 6th at 8pm


  • Registration: $15 base + $5 per event

  • Hotel: $60

  • Transportation: $35

  • After Dark gathering: $15 (pizza and entertainment on Friday night)

    • See for info


Athletes are only allowed one running event, two field events, and two relays. Spikes for running events are only allowed in finals (NOT PRELIMS). The lone exception to that is the 60 hurdle prelims allows spikes. Field events are allowed spikes for both prelims and finals.

Spike length for running events: 3/16th needle spikes (available for sale at Simplot)

Spike length for field events: 1/4th


Meet in Bozeman at 7:45 am, depart at 8am on Thursday February 14th with a stop to pick up athletes from Belgrade. Return Saturday evening when BTC events are concluded.


The hotel has a continental breakfast and we will attend the After Dark event for dinner one night. Otherwise, meals are not provided.

Limited Space

We reserve rooms one year in advance for Simplot. That means we are limited by the number of beds for athletes. Our maximum capacity is 24 athletes and we had 22 last year. If we exceed 24 that are traveling and staying with the team, we will use practice attendance as a means to limit the group to 24. We will make some exceptions for those athletes that live outside the area and can’t attend some practices because of the travel time.