Weekly Update - 9/29/2019

We got lucky and the weather held out for the Mountain West Classic. It was great to see everyone compete! The boys placed second out of 27 teams and 352 runners. The girls took home the gold with 20 teams and 320 runners. Congrats to both teams!

Note: Practice moves this week to the Bozeman Ponds (West of the mall, behind Owenhouse Ace).

Upcoming Schedule

  • Mon 9/30 at 4:15 pm - Practice at the Bozeman Ponds

  • Wed 10/2 at noon - Deadline for Butte Invitational Registration

  • Thur 10/3 at 4:15 pm - Practice at the Bozeman Ponds

  • Sat 10/5 at 1:15 pm - walkthrough for Butte Invitational

Butte Invite Info

The race on Saturday will be a combined boys/girls 2 mile race at 2:15 pm. The walkthrough will be at 1:15. The venue is at Stodden Park/Highland View Golf Course in Butte. Registration is due by noon on Wednesday!

Gear Needed

Jason needs 10 sets of cornhole/bean bag toss bags for part of the “Team 10k” that will be on October 28th. If you have some you are able to loan out, please contact Jason (jason@bozemantrackclub.org).

Volunteer Signup

Thanks to those who have volunteered to help out! It looks like we are covered for the next two meets, but we will need help if anyone is available on Thursday, October 17th. The race is early (3 pm’ish), so we know volunteers will be difficult since it is during the workday. If you are available, please sign up!